From a dream to a beautifull garden

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Cancer has taken many from our communities. In some way everyone has been touched by this terrible disease. The garden was a dream to create a beautiful memorial to those we have lost, those who have suffered and beat cancer, or those still fighting the disease. These are all part of the dream for the Southeast Memorial Cancer Garden. To fulfill this dream the Humboldt Garden Club took on the challenge (we are few but mighty) and the dream is now a reality.

From young to old or those who have always been healthy and those that have had many illnesses throughout their lives, Cancer is non discriminating. The dream came from loved ones missing a cancer victim. Now the garden has touched many, the joy of working in the garden, setting and reminiscing, driving by and enjoying the view, and just walking through the garden to take in all of the plants is peaceful and fulfilling.

In the beginning of 2017 the process of completing the dream began. Cleaning the area was the first step, and soon the donations of plants, gravel, mulch, and pavers began coming in.


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